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The Word is Working: Read this Inspiring Testimony

This month of February is a very special month. It is your month of Consolation in the year of Greatness. When God begins to increase your greatness, it doesn’t just happen by you waking up to say ‘O boy! Am greater.” it does mean that there will be greater challenges to your life.
However, as you stay in God’s Word, Victory is sure! 
Here is the testimony of Seun A. who was comforted in the Word and experienced a great testimony. Read, be inspired and share your experiences on this platform. God bless you!


Seun from Nigeria

Thank you for this privilege to share my testimony on air Pastor Sir. My testimony is actually about how I received supernatural healing from God through our man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD after the last Sunday Global Communion Service. Before coming for this spectacular service I knew deep in me that I was coming to put certain things right and straight concerning my health. From my childhood days, I had been a victim of ‘fileria’ as its commonly called. This continued up to when I came to Christ Embassy. I continually took drugs after three months against this ailment. As I went on declaring prophetic words to myself concerning my health, I started realizing that I could stop taking these drugs because the Word of God shows me that I am ‘a healer’ and not even that I am ‘the healed’.

It so much dawned on me that before coming for that service, I had prepared my spirit and myself that I was coming to receive that divine healing since the Spirit of God told me that I needed the service in order to cleanse my system. As our man of God ministered and gave the Communion, I took it knowing fully well by the understanding of the spirit that I was actually taking healing and cleansing directly from God through Our man of God.

Some few days later I noticed that the itchy sensation I felt all over my body ended and from that day till date I am very fine and I thank the Almighty Father for using Our man of God as the medium to heal me completely. I also know that I will never take any drug in my life as the Spirit of God continually lives and leads me in life. Thank you Sir- my teacher.

The Word is Working: Inspiring Accounts of the Efficacy of God’s Word


What a glorious month of October we’ve been having worshipping the Father from our spirits and according to His Word! We’ve been singing, offering the fruits of our lips in worship and also enjoying a glorious time of fellowship with the Lord in the realm of the spirit. Hallelujah!

Today, we bring you a selection of some of inspiring testimonies from around the world of people who have experienced the efficacy of God’s Word as a result of the glorious union with the Spirit of God.

Read and also share your personal experiences and testimonies on this platform, bearing also in mind that when you testify of God’s goodness, you glorify Him and the miracles are established in your life. God bless you!


Toun From Nigeria

Pastor Sir, it’s my sincere opinion that the words “Thank you” are too small to quantify and express my gratitude to you for teaching me the Word of God; for molding my life with the Word of God and for teaching me to use the Word to create the kind of life I want to live.

Through the various encounters with you sir (on the website and meetings with you), I have been inspired by the Spirit of Excellence so much that if I am involved in anything less than excellent, the Holy Ghost will not permit it to work out. In this Year of Favour, I have been tremendously favoured!

For example, in the month of March, the month of songs, I gained admission into one of the top three, most prestigious universities in the world for a Masters’ degree program. Indeed, sir, nothing in this world is too good for me.

In April, our month of testimonies, I received two scholarships and funding to carter for all my schooling costs such that I would never have to pay a kobo. Indeed, if I can’t afford it, I’ll get it for free!

In the month of June, our month of prayer, so much power was made available such that everyone in my family received a miracle – a special gift from God. Most spectacular amongst them was my mother’s shop, which was spared when burglars came into the compound where her shop was located. Goods and cash worth millions of naira were carted away by the robbers but my mother’s shop was not broken into.

In July, our month of victories, on the first day of that month, even before the Word for the month was proclaimed, I had already started living in it’s reality. I got my visa approved to stay for a period longer than is required for my studies and this came without stress and in less than a minute of interaction with the embassy officials. I could keep going on and on. Indeed, sir, I am set on a course that I must follow! I live a life of favour! Glory to God!


Rudo From Zimbabwe

Thank you Pastor for leading us in the way to consistently walk in victory over the devil and glorify God. Glory to God for His faithfulness as shown in the other testimonies posted on this website.

I am inspired and I’ll share just one of my many testimonies of victory. We had a debt running into several thousands for utilities at home since 2008. I had been in a season of growth and I knew it would be over soon by the grace of God. Pastor, I could not pay the bills but I trusted God for a solution according to His riches and glory.

Since last year, I kept receiving letters of final demand and finally I received a notice to hand over to the lawyers. Each time I received a letter, I would take it into my prayer closet following the example of Hezekiah in the book of 2 Kings and I would pray over it and also praise Him for His faithfulness despite the fact that the debt kept growing.

Then, in the month of victory, the Government announced that, as a matter of policy, all such charges be written off for the period up to 30th of June 2013. It affected almost all citizens especially those in urban areas debts but others had been paying. Mine was among the highest so I am overly grateful to the Almighty – the forever-faithful God! Hallelujah!


 Nwando From United Kingdom

Thank you Pastor for this website on which we can share our testimonies and expectations. God bless you richly sir for all you have done for us.

I had been praying for a job since June but to no avail. Later on, at the October Global Communion service, you said something that was really striking to me. You said that there was someone who has been praying and declaring the Word concerning an issue, but it seemed heaven was silent. You further went on to instruct us that we should spend time in worship this month and as a result, we will experience testimonies.

When I got home after the fasting and praying of that day, I ministered to the Lord with songs of worship. I took my focus away from my needs and just glorified God for His awesomeness as you instructed; and just like He did in the days of the apostles, the Holy Ghost took control and the atmosphere was charged with the anointing. What an awesome experience!

I also decided to fast and pray for three days, on the last day of the, I got a call to resume a job the very next day. Glory to God! He does reign supreme and I know that He has just started with me. The groundwork has been laid for something greater in my life because the Greater One lives in me. Praise God!

The Word is Working: Read These Inspiring Testimonies from Around the World


Glory to God! So many lives have been blessed and transformed via the ministry of the man of God, Pastor Chris on the internet. Several millions around the globe continue to experience the efficacy of God’s Word in their lives as they receive and put to work the teachings of the man of God.

Today, we bring you a selection of some of these inspiring accounts. Read and also take advantage of this platform to glorify the Lord as you share your own testimonies and experiences with the world. God bless you!


Saved My Family From Suicide and Financial Ruins Through Worship!

Through the Christ Embassy Online website article, “How to Minister to the Lord,” I encountered experiences of great divine ministrations in my life.

I have been a teacher for 17years and I’m married. I went through financial weaknesses from month to month. Every month we collected loans to survive. A while ago, I successfully obtained loans from a couple of banks but my wife and I could not understand what was happening to us as we almost lost our house. The banks put up the “SOLD” sign in front of our home. I would meet my wife in tears every day when I got home from work. We could not understand what we were going through. We literarily experienced a financial breakdown. Nothing seemed to work for us. We then decided to end our lives; my wife took pills and I wanted to cut my throat because a voice had told me to do so. I had literally left my body at that time, but another voice told me to stop and I obeyed. Then I went over to my wife’s room and tried to stop her, but she had already taken the pills. She had locked the door and I tried to break it down. Although, she stopped anyway; she still took ill after that incident.

We read the website article titled, “How to minister to the Lord,” and as a result of what we learnt we decided to pray together every night. And for the first time, we felt that burden go away after praying. We put our trust in the Lord Almighty and worshipped him. We continued to minister to the Lord this way and everything fell in place. I have now received wisdom on how to handle my money. I can see my money now! Praise the Lord for He is good! AMEN!

Jury L. (South Africa)


Enjoying the Ministration of Angels

The Christ Embassy Online website articles kept me on the victorious path throughout the month of July. The articles helped me build my faith so strong for every challenge that I was faced with. Thank you for the articles pastor Sir. I am grateful to the sweet Holy Spirit who reveals to us truths concerning our journey every month. I worked miracles upon miracles this month.

A remarkable example was when I left my house to go to work with my gas cooker still on. I had been heating up some food in a little pot that morning. Pastor, I had travelled 30mins (long enough to cause a fire disaster) before my spirit brought it to my mind. I panicked for a few seconds as pictures of my house on fire flashed across my mind; but then I remembered that it was my month of victories. So, I said aloud; “I must have a testimony from this.” Immediately I spoke in tongues, then I instructed the angels to go and quench the fire. Pastor, it was remarkable that even the food in the pot was not burnt! Glory to God! Thank you pastor Sir for making us a wonder through God’s Word.

Jaiye (Nigeria)



The Word is Working: Read These Inspiring Accounts of the Efficacy of God’s Word

Glory to God! So many lives have been blessed and transformed via the ministry of the man of God, Pastor Chris. Through various platforms like the internet and mobile platforms, television, radio, books, CDs, DVDs, a vast network of churches and campus fellowships, conferences and healing services; several millions continue to experience supernatural victories in their lives as they receive and put the Word of God to work.

Below is a selection of some of these inspiring accounts. We invite you to read and also to take advantage of this platform to glorify the Lord as you share your own testimonies. Remember that when you testify of God’s goodness, the miracles become established in your life. God bless you!



Thank you so much Pastor for teaching us how to maintain our package of Blessings given to us by God. I and my entire family have been so blessed. We had extra prayer times, besides the Yookos Global prayer sessions with our man of God, Pastor Chris. Indeed, great things began to happen in our lives;  one that stood out is the final year results of our children.

One of our kids fell sick two days to the start of her exam and only through prayers could we bring her back to normal for her to be able to sit for her exams till the end. HALLELUJAH!

Two days to her exams, which was supposed to commence on Monday, she fell sick. She had attempted suicide by taking an overdose of pills in order to end her life.  As a result of this, she experienced nauseating feelings and vomited frequently… She told us later that a voice asked her to drink the pills because she’s not worthy to live with us and also to live on this earth. In fact, the voice told her so many evil things that I can’t take time here to mention.

She became so weak and could not even stand on her feet. We gathered together in the house on Sunday evening (which was the next day) and prayed. After that, we decided to pray every 1:00am (family prayer chain), and each member of the family had to pray at that particular time no matter where he or she was.

Pastor, that prayer chain still continues in our home till this day. After the prayers that Sunday evening, we gave her some milk to drink. Praise God! On the Monday of her exams, she got up strong and ready for the exam. The GCE (General Certificate of Education) exam took three weeks and to the glory of God, there wasn’t  a day she could not sit for her exams. She even got up every morning to revise her work. Guest what? When the results came out, she was successful in six of her papers which was more than what was required. Praise the Lord!

I’m very grateful to God for June, the month of prayer, for it made us to pray fervently and achieve results. Not just ordinary but extraordinary results. I told my child that she must pass because the God I serve is a living and faithful God, and HE has made us victorious in every situation in life no matter what. In every situation we are faced with, our end is VICTORY! Thank you Pastor!



It all began one Saturday morning in Nigeria, when I had to travel from Benin to Asaba.  I hurriedly stepped out  with my bags, suit and the bread (that I had bought), leaving behind my laptop bag in the cab. This bag also contained all my school and travel documents. When I got home,  I remembered that I had left my laptop bag in the cab.

This was an overwhelming experience for me because I needed those vital documents for a job interview and also, a passport which I required for an international exam that I was scheduled to write was also in that bag. At first, I was calm on the outside but troubled on the inside, because my documents don’t have any contact number on them. Then I remembered a message by Pastor Chris that I had watched. In that message he said, ‘when you need something done or when you are going through a difficult situation, don’t fret; rather start singing “wonderful Jehovah, Jehovah wonderful”. I sang it while still wondering around my neighbourhood, and I also spoke in tongues a little bit. I said to God, ‘You are the Omniscient God, you know where my bag is and where I am now, please if there is no contact on the documents, put one’, and then I made a pledge to Him. After a few minutes, I got a call from the cab driver, telling me that my bag and documents were safe. The next day, I got the bag with everything complete. Nothing missing! This is my testimony. It was indeed a miracle! Thank you Sir!

The Word is Working: More Inspiring Testimonies of Supernatural Victories!


Glory to God! It’s been an awesome time of victories in the month of July. So many believers around the world experienced supernatural victories in their lives as they put the Word of God to work this month of July.

Below is a selection of some of these inspiring accounts. We invite you to read and also to take advantage of this platform to glorify the Lord for all the victories He brought your way this month. Remember that when you testify of God’s goodness, the miracles become established in your life. God bless you!



Testimony from Pastor Ose (Nigeria)

Thank you pastor for all the love and teachings that you have brought us. Indeed it was a month full of victories for me. To start with, on the evening of our July communion service, just a few minutes after the Word for the month was given. On my way home, I encountered armed robbers. They took nothing from me and I was not touched; the other brethren who were with me were also not touched. Pastor, the beautiful thing is that when they attacked us we didn’t run or beg them because we knew it was our month of victories. When the armed robbers saw the boldness with which we faced them; eyeball to eyeball, they stood for some time looking at us and then drove off with a high speed as though they had seen someone standing behind us. Thank you sir for bringing us into a place of victories over all the circumstances of life. I love Pastor


Testimony from Deacon Okwuchukwu (Lagos Zone2 Nigeria)

July 2013 is my best month so far. It was a month heaped with testimonies upon testimonies for family, my ministry and me.

I travelled to the village for my uncle’s burial. During the burial there were lots of greetings, hugging and holding hands with the villagers. All of a sudden, I discovered that my left fingers couldn’t hold objects firmly anymore. I started feeling funny on my left hand and leg. The feeling was so strong that even to hold a phone firmly became a problem. I knew immediately that a spiritual missile (stroke – partial paralysis) had been shot at me. I was sensing paralysis on the left-hand side of my body. I wasn’t scared Pastor. I knew what to do! Several teachings taught me by my man of God – Pastor Chris kept echoing from my spirit. Immediately I started releasing Words – speaking forth God’s Word from Psalm 91, Isaiah 10:27, Isaiah 54:13-17 (Pastor taught us this during the last Bible Study Preparatory Class), Psalm 23:4 and 2 Timothy 1:7. The more I spoke, the bolder I became. The Spirit of the Lord kept encouraging me to speak forth, reminding me the right scriptures to release from my spirit. When I was through I knew I was indeed far from any oppression, terror or fear. I never bothered again even though the feeling (or sensation) was still there strongly. I remembered that Jesus cursed the tree and it died from its root. So I kept testifying from then on. Two days later, every feeling or sensation was completely gone. The devil is a looser and will always be a looser.


Thank You Pastor for everything. You have made me a champion and a superstar. I am in charge of my world. I am getting greater and greater by the day and I owe everything to you sir. God bless you sir.



 Testimony From Mercy (UK)

Glory to God our Father for this month of victory. Where do I begin as my daughter, my family and I have experienced so many victories in these past weeks?

First, my indefinite leave was finally granted me. I sold off my car and money came forth to me for a much better car. My cousin’s wedding was also a success. My two-year-old daughter is living in God’s wisdom so much and excelling through life as one of the fastest learning and well-spoken child EVER. Hallelujah! So many doors of opportunities, promotion and increase have come my way this month. Money keeps locating me everywhere and anywhere. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!


Heavenly Father, I just want to use this opportunity to express my great gratitude for my man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. I pray that as You use him in blessing us your children with Your Words of power and wisdom and in realizing all the other blessings You have given unto us; whatever he and his family desires be granted unto them in multi-folds in Jesus name. Amen!


I Love You Pastor Chris and my daughter Jessica LOVES You much more Sir!



 Testimony from Nontsikelelo (South Africa)

Thank you Pastor Sir. Thank you Holy Spirit. This month was indeed a month of victories in every area of my life. I experienced victories in my health, finances and more. I have encountered tremendous victory. Things just spontaneously happened without effort during the month. The dilemmas moved by the Holy Spirit, the walls fell effortless; I am so grateful to the lord and to you Pastor Sir for always teaching us the infallible Word of God. I have learnt to meditate on the Word of God and to be conscious that Christ has done it all and that I don’t have to beg, be in lack or allow sickness ion my body. All these were taken care of 2000 years ago… I learnt that there is nothing insurmountable with God and I can call those things that are not as though they are. I learnt that I can create my own future with my tongue and that I am not the poor nor the sick but the rich and the healed one.


God has parted my red sea; He made a way for me where there seemed to be no way. He has been so merciful, gracious and full of compassion. I am moving from glory to glory. I am advancing, making progress, singing songs and I continued in prayer in month of victories. I am so favoured and His grace is so sufficient for me and I reign in life by one Jesus Christ. I dominate in every circumstance by the Spirit of God. I have learnt to live without fear for he has not given me the spirit of fear but of love, power and of a sound mind .The Word of God can never fail and God does not change; He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is the omniscient and omnipresent. He is able. He is Jehovah and He has been so good to me. I am so grateful for all you have done in my life this month.



The Word is Working: More Inspiring Accounts of Unprecedented Favour!

The Word of God continues to produce what it talks about in this year of Favour, our set time to be favoured.
Today, we share with you, the testimonies of King D. S. and Seyi O. as they attest to the workings of favour in their lives.

Read, be inspired, and also share your testimonies to inspire the world.


Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised…who has immensely favoured me. Thank you Pastor, for this opportunity to share my testimony. I decided to increase my tithe last year December, and this year my salary has been increased!
Secondly, during my national youth service, in the central region of Ghana, I met a gentleman who had also come to serve; I invited him to church and he gave his life to Christ.
As the Bible says, “…men ought to pray…”, we decided to be praying twice every week at a nearby school park. On one occasion, we joined hands and prayed for immediate employment after our national service. To God be the glory, I got employed in a telecommunication company as a network engineer, and he got employed at Ghana lands commission as an Administrator. This year is truly our set time to be favoured!
Thank you Pastor for teaching us the Word of God!

king D. S. (Ghana|Africa)



Praise God! It is indeed my year of favour!!! My birthday was on the 16th of January and the very next day, the Lord favoured me with a new job which I had waited almost 2 years for, and guess what? I have 3 times my previous salary! Glory to God! To blow my mind further, I got the long awaited Master’s admission into one of Nigeria’s premier universities….God is indeed faithful and it’s my set time for favour…Thank you Lord!!!

Seyi O. (Nigeria|Africa)


Do you have a testimony of favour from the Lord? It’s time to honour Him with your testimony by sharing that testimony with the world today. Hallelujah!

Work At Work: More Inspiring Testimonies From Around the World!

As you put to work the instructions of our man of God in this year of favour, remarkable testimonies will surely result.

Today, we share with you the testimonies of Alex O. and Ziyanda K.

Read, be inspired and also share yours with the world:


Sister Ziyanda K. from SouthAfrica
Praise the Lord, the word works. Thank God for Pastor Chris. As he has declared so shall it be, in the name of Jesus. After the service on the 31st December, two of our members (both members of my cell) decided to walk home as one of them lives a few meters from the church. On their way two men approached them and demanded a cell phone from the brother. For some reason the robbers pulled the trigger, to shoot him, but the bullet went up instead. The robbers then hit him on the head with the gun and he bleed so much from the head wound.
Whilst we waited in church to make sure that everyone had been transported safely home after service, he approached the church with a shirt with blood all over
But I thank God for his faith, the first thing he said, is I cannot die, not after a service with Pastor Chris. He went on to say that he can only pray for them and that he is not angry. I was moved by his words. He has not been moved by this incidence at all.
I want to thank Pastor Chris, for making us more than conquerors. This is indeed our year of favour.
Alex O. from Nigeria
Thank you pastor, for such an opportunity to share my testimony with God’s own elect. It happened on the 9th January 2013 , when i got to work before our morning devotion, a brother of ours told me to pray with him that ritualistic took his brother and up till now they haven’t heard from him. so I told my other colleagues during our morning devotion. I called him out and we prayed using him as a point of contact to the brother. After the prayer, a MESSAGE YOU TAUGHT: RESPONSIBILITY OF PRAYER ; done on me and I told him we will keep praying until we hear from him. when your post came in the afternoon Yookos prayer, it was still in the same line with the situation at hand , so we prayed by joining hands together in thanksgiving since we have prayed before and we believed God. After the prayer, I got the note of victory and told him that before the end of the day that he will be called that he has been freed. Before getting ready for mid week service, He called me with joy saying He has been freed Hallelujah!!!. Praise God ……… thank you pastor for inspiring me in the things of God. I love you Pastor.

Take advantage of this opportunity to honour the Lord as you share your testimonies of favour with the world!

The Word is Working – A Remarkable Testimony of Unprecedented Favour

The year 2013 is Our Year of Favour – the set time for Zion to be favoured. Hallelujah!
Already, inspiring testimonies of favour have started pouring in from all around the world. Today, we bring you the testimony of Mike K. from South Africa who testifies of unprecedented favour in his life.

Read the full Testimony and Share Yours Also!
“Thank God for this Awesome Season of Favour as declared by the Prophet of God, Our Father, Teacher, Pastor, Mentor, and life Coach-Pastor Chris.

I have been propelled into a higher realm of Glory by the prophecy and the Word of the year for us, as a ministry and as an individual. I was blessed and inspired by this awesome Word of the year.

I have already started experiencing His mercies and favour. On the 1st of January 2013, as I was travelling back from Rusternburg to Johannesburg, the forces of darkness were ready to put their intentions to work immediately after this awesome service with Pastor Chris. On the morning of the 1st, as I was preparing, meditating and Fellowshipping with the Lord, the Spirit reminded me of Ephesians 6:10- 18, about the spiritual hosts of darkness, powers and principalities, and that due to this, there was an evil day waiting, and for this reason I should take on the whole armour of God.

I had previously received this warning and admonition on the last day of our praying and fasting – 30th of Dec 2012; and then a second message came to me on the 1st Jan 2013, and I immediately knew that the Lord was preparing me for a battle, but I did not know when. But I thank God that I was a part of the Live streaming of the December 31st New Year’s Eve Service with Pastor Chris, and I believe the Lord positioned me already through that meeting to remain standing even on the day of evil.

And right after we had left the taxi park, because I was using public transport, and also I had to travel on this day so that I could report to work the next day which was the 2nd of Jan 2013, as our vehicle was moving, a car in front of us decided to make a U-turn, and that’s where it all started; I heard the noise of people screaming and the collision followed. But amazingly, when I saw people screaming and the two cars clashing and all the noise, the first thing that proceeded from my mouth was the Name of Jesus, and as I proclaimed this Name, our Vehicle which had actually lost control suddenly came to a standstill! By this time, I was not perturbed at all because I knew that the Devil came to “collect” lives but he returned with nothing. Then I started taking charge of the situation by going to those who were really traumatized by the whole event. I then laid hands on one of the people that was so traumatized that even blood was pouring from her nose. I ministered to her and then I ministered to the driver of the other car who actually wanted to take his life. I laid hands on his chest and declared him healed in the Name of Jesus whilst the Ambulance was on its way. It was so amazing the boldness that the Spirit of God imparted into me in the mist of that horrific event. No lives were lost!

As we got into another Vehicle to proceed with our journey, people were so fearful and scared to proceed further, but as a child of God, through the guidance of the Spirit under the assurance that the Lord has just preserved lives, I asked for us to take a prayer of thanksgiving, and they agreed. I led them in prayer and all the doubts and fears disappeared.

I thank God for showing forth that He is God and that He honours His Word. As Pastor Chris gave the prophecy and said, “Fear not, For He (the Lord) is with us, He is our strength, the rock on which we are founded. Have no Fear – No evil shall overcome you, for you are mine” saith the Lord.

I truly thank God for this manifestation of His favour upon my life, through which many lives were preserved. I thank God for Pastor Chris and the Spirit of God ministering through him. I am grateful to be alive to frustrate the Kingdom of darkness and enjoy the favour that the Lord has set before me and those that are connected to me. Hallelujah! Glory!”
Mike K.
South Africa

The Impact of the Internet Ministry of Pastor Chris

Thousands around the world have been impacted through the internet ministry of our man of God, Pastor Chris. The lives of millions have been transformed by the power of God. We have recorded tremendous accounts of people that received their healings, and had hopeless situations restored through the internet ministry of Pastor Chris.

Today we share with you the stories of Anaba from Cameroon and Peace from Nigeria, who have remarkable testimonies as a result of taking advantage of our message on the internet. Read their stories and be inspired.

Anaba .L
“Thanks for the words, they came at the right time when limitations where pulling me down, but with my faith and this online article’s declaration of sudden miracle, I believe that my business ambitions will come to pass. Thank you once more and God continue to bless you. i say no to limitations and failure in my life .”

Peace .E
“Thank you Pastor for the word of knowledge you gave via the internet. I have received a sudden miracle in my health. During the communion service on the 3rd June 2012, we watched via the internet, you mentioned my case about a lady in choir who feels migraine headaches, I immediately received it, today am completely sound .hallelujah!!!”

You can also share your comments on the impact of the internet ministry of our man of God, Pastor Chris PhD.

The Word is Working

What an awesome month of June we’ve had so far. It has indeed been a special season of consolidation. Tremendous testimonies abound to this wise. All around the world, thousands are testifying of the impact of the Word of the month as declared by the Spirit of God, through our man of God, Pastor Chris.

Read these inspiring accounts and share your comments as you inspire thousands all around the world.