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2022 “Our Year Of The Gathering Clouds”

“This year, the clouds of prayer, faith and expectations would be full and begin to empty themselves upon the earth” — Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

The crowning moment of the Global New Year’s Eve Service with Pastor Chris came shortly after the midnight bells had rung as the man of God, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome declared 2022 to be ‘the Year of the Gathering Clouds’. “This year, the clouds of prayers, faith, and expectations would be full and begin to empty themselves upon the earth,” Pastor Chris remarked amid great shouts from myriads across the globe. 

Reading an array of scriptures including Ecclesiastes 11:3, Zechariah 10:1, and 1 Thessalonians 4:14-18, he explained the essence of the former and the latter rains, describing the latter rain like that for a season of harvest in which we presently are. Labeling the word of the year as a missile in the realm of the Spirit, Pastor Chris explained that while many clouds would gather, the most important gathering would be that of the saints around the world. “This is the year of the gathering clouds and these clouds would fulfill their purpose,” the man of God posited as he rained prophecies of things to come in the new year on the congregation. Pastor Chris emphasized that the glory of God would be the defense of God’s people all-year-long and irrespective of the crisis that will envelop the world, the saints will soar through as victors.

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  1. The vision is clearly written (declared by our man of God) run with the vision as we read it.

  2. As sure a water and air is this prophetic words to the whole world,this 2022,hallelujah!!!.

  3. Amen …. I connect Pastor sir.
    Hallelujah and hosanna to the Lord God Almighty for the years rhema. The owner of Times & Seasons has spoken and I realign my everything with the theme in Jesus name.

  4. Amen. Pastor I connect to the promise of God this year 2022. I realign myself and (fiancé) and my everything with the theme in Jesus name. Hallelujah to the lord God almighty. I will learn to sing praises to God even in the midst of troubles and challenges. I realign my heart, soul, and spirit with the working of Christ. Thank you lord for you have made everything perfect and what you have given to me the devil cannot not take away the second time because I have come to the realization of your word and love for me therefore the narrative changes.

  5. Ohh, Glory glory glory to God,
    There’s a spirit in man and is the inspiration of the Almighty.Power Revelation for the year.
    God richly bless you Pastor Chris


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