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Are you looking for a Christ Embassy Church closest to you? Did you travel out of your city and don’t know the closest Christ Embassy Church to you? Or Are you on holiday?

Did you win a soul while on a trip and looking to direct him/her to a Christ Embassy Church close to them search no more just click to download the LoveWorld 360lace App and you have the closest Church to you at your fingertips.


  1. I got born-Again on July 14 2013 at 19 Years. I was in Senior Six[S.6]. But something happened to my Spirit. 2019 was indeed the year of Lights. I saw the light of God and I received the Word of God into Spirit.

    And the month of September in particular was really the month of Uplifting.I was Uplifted on 1st of this month when the Holy Ghost overshadowed me and I spoke in Unknown Tongues as the Spirit gave me utterances during a global communion service. I was at CHRIST EMBASSY WANDEGEYA, Kampala(UG).

  2. A message by the pastor was recorded and posted on Facebook. He was speaking about the plans starting in Canada to lockdown and lock up people complete with isolation camps being built around the country. This type of message will not stay on Facebook very long. Where can I download (and keep) a copy of this to spread the message the good pastor is speaking about?
    Please advise. Thank you.

  3. Dear Esteemed,
    Warm greetings in Jesus Name,
    I am writing you this email to make a request. I wanted to know if you could please help me get this series messages title “The Newness of Life” by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. I would really appreciate that. I had this series on my flash drive, my flash drive got crashed. Please help find that series please. “The Newness of Life” series is not on the PCDL app. Unless it’s under another title. Could you please help me locate it? Please let me know what other title it is under. I will buy it it is available. Thank you!
    Have a blessed day. Stan
    The Newness of Life.jpg

  4. Dear & Respected Pastor Chris,
    Greetings in Lord’s Jesus Christ.
    With many Prayers and blessings
    Irfan Daniel
    Youth Leader,
    Presbyterian Church Noul Slalkot Pakistan

  5. I just downloaded the App and its great locate my church immediately. Its good for evangelism I can now direct souls easily.

  6. My name is Sara am Eriterean i live in Zambia its my first time reading the Rhapsody of Realities and woww it changes my life and it really helped me to daily meditate and be connected to God am blessed daily.


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