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Effusive Moments at Global Communion and Praise Night with Pastor Chris

Global audience relishes a most divine time of fellowship with endless soul-stirring songs and psalms of thanksgiving to God.

The just-concluded Global Communion Service and Praise Night with the man of God, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome which was held on Sunday, February 4th was characterized by unforgettable moments of glory and great rejoicing. Hosted for the first time from Christ Embassy Lekki, Lagos Zone 5, the revolutionary praise rendezvous was beamed live to a mammoth global audience via all LoveWorld networks and various internet platforms. A cross-section of the live audience singing the LoveWorld Anthem.

Earnest prayers of thanksgiving to God led by LoveWorld CEO and Zonal Director of Christ Embassy Lagos Zone 5, the esteemed Pastor Deola Phillips, set the tone for what would be an impactful time in the presence of the Lord. The Director of the LoveWorld Church Growth International also led a special session of prayer and the LoveWorld Singers led in the singing of the LoveWorld Anthem.
LoveWorld CEO and Zonal Director of CE Lagos Zone 5, leads the global congregation in earnest prayers of thanksgiving to God.

Thunderous shouts of rejoicing greeted the arrival, of the man of God, Pastor Chris. He welcomed the global congregation to the unique service, expressing thanks to the Pastor and members of the host Church. Pastor Chris announced a special anthem of the year which is the Song of the Year for 2021, ‘God of Heaven and Earth’, instructing that it should be sung immediately after the LoveWorld anthem in every major ministry program all through the year. The man of God then went on to exhort on the significance of the service and the essence of praise to God. He taught that God’s children ought to be thankful to Him always. “He demanded of us, praise; that is our words, offering thanks,” Pastor Chris remarked. He posited that grateful people live purposefully, experiencing an outburst of testimonies in all their endeavors. 

Plunging the service into an endless stream of worship and praise, the man of God called on the dazzling Loveworld Singers who led the global audience in soul-stirring melodies of the Spirit. Effusive moments sprouted with the saints lifting their hands and pouring out their hearts in gratitude to God as the choir led in different Spirit-inspired songs of praise to God. It was undoubtedly a most divine time of fellowship with the Lord resulting in glorious testimonies.

The special night also saw the esteemed Zonal Director, Christ Embassy Lagos Virtual Zone, Pastor Yemisi Kudehinbu read out scriptures of praise from Psalm 9:1-20 and, Revelations 19:1-10. Amid loud chants of joy, Pastor Esther Miracle raised the service to a higher pike with a pulsating psalm to God. What a transcendental time with the Lord it was for all participants!

This edition of the Special Praise Night with Pastor Chris was a compendium of profound insight, earnest prayers, and heartfelt worship and praise to God. The praises of God reverberated around the world in grand style and there is no doubt that things have shifted in the realms of the spirit in favor of the saints of God.

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