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Forgiveness: A Tool For Your Happiness

Forbearing one another, and forgiving one another, if any man have a quarrel against any: even as Christ forgave you, so also do ye (Colossians 3:13).

A lady died of cancer because she wouldn’t forgive her husband, who was living wild and wouldn’t go to Church. If he did go for a Sunday service, everyone rejoiced and considered it a miracle. She wouldn’t stop worrying over her husband and holding grudges against him; that was the reason for the cancer.

Now, she didn’t die of cancer because cancer was a great enemy. No, she died of cancer because she just didn’t let the cancer go; the cancer was the unforgiveness that she harboured in her heart. Understand something about forgiveness; it’s a tool; a marvellous tool for your own happiness. You don’t forgive others because they were so wrong, and you were so right; it’s got nothing to do with right and wrong. Rather, it’s something you do for your own happiness; it’s in your interest to bear no grudge or be bitter against anyone.

I’m aware that we could sometimes be badly hurt through the callous actions of others.

Nonetheless, holding on to the pain and grudge of such experiences can only wound your emotions further and cause damage to your spiritual life. To be unforgiving is to allow circumstances rob you of your joy in life, but forgiveness is a tool for happiness.

Never resent others for what they did to you; learn to forgive. Don’t even wait for them to apologise. Let the love of God in your heart, not an apology from those who wrong you, be your inspiration for forgiving their faults. Let God’s essence within you flow out like a stream as you relate with others in love.

Maintain a forgiving heart all the time and you’ll live a happy and excited life and continually enjoy the pleasantness in other people.

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  1. Thank You Pastor.What an awesome message to meditate on continually and constantly.

  2. I am so blessed from all the posts I have been receiving. I have learnt so much from it. Some I even use for Wednesday midweek service and Sundays as well. I am grateful. Thank you pastor sir.


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