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Liberated From The Scars And Pains Of Skin Cancer

20-year-old Lusomo from Zambia suffered from skin cancer. This condition led to open wounds, bleeding sores, and discoloration of her skin. She was unable to walk, stand, or do other things with her legs. After a series of treatments, the doctors considered amputation. There was a total transformation during the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris!

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  1. I receive total healing of cancer, and all sickness for my sister Sipho Bhebhe-Ndlovu….thank you Lord Jesus for healing her, death can not hev power over here, she shall live and testify the goodness of the Lord

  2. Healing, is mine am free from disease, from, tumor, whatever name they call it, in the glorious and powerful name of Jesus, am so healed that no scar is seen on my body In Jesus mighty name Amen. Thank you lord.


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