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LiveTv Mobile App

Stay connected to God’s word from our Man of God Rev Dr. Chris Oyahklilome on the go non-stop on LiveTv Mobile App.

Kindly visit www.livetvmobile.org and download the App.


  1. Thanx Pastor Chris for keeping praying with us in times of difficulties you are really a man of God
    May the good Lord bless you with many more years.

  2. My live tv mobile app is not connecting. It updated to a new version. I can’t seem to watch any channel.
    What should I do. Please advise.
    I need to participate in the phase 5 of the word by our man of God Pastor Chris on Loveworld

    • kindly click on the LiveTV icon below to view the stations.Thanks

  3. I joined the global prayer day for the first time yesterday and today. I have been blessed to learn what to pray for!

  4. I love Christembassy God bless you all
    I joined the global prayer group today we pastor Chris


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