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Miracles Happen As Healing School Ambassadors Minister In A South African Hospital

Healing School Ambassadors across the globe hold various outreaches around the world and manifest the miraculous. These people who were once students of the Healing School, once sick and bedridden, with no hope, now live life continuously in joy and divine health after receiving healing when the man of God, Pastor Chris, ministered to them.

Inspired by the impact of the healing ministry of Pastor Chris, Healing School Ambassadors in South Africa reached out to patients in Leratong Hospital, Johannesburg. They manifested God’s liquid love, limitless glory and His healing power to the people, as they testified of what the Lord did in their lives, and mend the broken-hearted graciously.

They ministered God’s Word healing power to the patients and staff of the hospital, leading 18 people to Christ. Outstanding healing testimonies were recorded during this visit, notable amongst which was a young man who was freed from demonic oppression and a young lady who testified of her instant healing from a skin condition. Hallelujah!

Stay connected for more inspiring testimonies from the Healing School Ambassadors’ Network.

You can also be a part of birthing more impacts like this by participating in the upcoming Healing School Autumn Session with Pastor Chris in Johannesburg South Africa by; Praying, giving and inviting the sick to attend by visiting here

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  1. Hi my name is Mary Anne.
    I have a niece her name is Jennifer Raboude.
    She suffering from severe asthma atteck.
    She living Mauritius mahebourg grand Bel air.
    I request prayer for her severe asthma attack.
    My father Louis phillp boff he have postrate cancer and dementia dissease.
    Prayer request for him.
    For my self I had hysterectomy may God regrow my worm inside me so I can carry a child for my husband.
    We can have a family together.


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