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“Only God Could Connect The Dots”- Past Students Recollect Their Spectacular Experiences With The Healing Power Of God

The atmosphere in the auditorium is invigorating as congregants witness the awesome accounts of the riveting experiences of past students at the Healing School. These testimonies have resulted in healing for many more, proving the efficacy of God’s healing power at work in the Healing School of Pastor Chris. One after the other, the testifiers take the stage to speak of their victories over sickness and infirmities.

For 11 years, Adebukola Soyele and her husband suffered heartache and sorrow owing to their childlessness. Despite several attempts, their desire for a baby never came to fruition. Talking about the Healing School, Adebukola says, “I came here because I knew only God could connect the dots.” Today, the Soyeles celebrate their miracle baby boy, a result of coming to the Healing School and putting her faith to work.

57-year-old Piroeva Ruzana had demonic encounters, and she heard a voice constantly tell her she was going to die when her child turned 7 years old. She was hunted by the fear of death, and this affected her mind and everything in her life. Searching for freedom, she made her way to the Healing School and she found the solution to her dilemma.

Life was bleak for Pheon Andrews after she developed a leg ulcer. Her life became very restricted as she could barely walk, even with the aid of a cane. It was in this state that she came to the Healing School. Now, free of pain and back to a normal life, Pheon can do all that she couldn’t do before.

Jijita Harvinei spoke joyfully about her newfound peace since the power of God caused a transformative change in her life. She is all smiles and full of many testimonies as she tells of the turnaround that has taken place in her life since she got healed of tenosynovitis and liver cyst at the Healing School.

With each testimony, the expectations of those waiting in line for a miracle heightened. Surely, what God does for one He will do for another, under the same circumstance.

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