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Position Yourself For Victory!

As they ministered to the Lord, and fasted, the Holy Ghost said… (Acts 13:2).

All over the world, people fast and pray at different times and for different reasons. While anyone can fast at any time, there’re special times when the Spirit of God leads you to do so. For example, as a Ministry, we do have our “End of Year Prayer and Fasting Program,” because the Holy Spirit asked us to do so. This selected period, which always carries with it an unusual unction and grace, has been pivotal in preparing us as a ministry, and as individuals, for the coming year. However, there’re certain things you must take note of, and also do, to make your fasting and praying worthwhile and fulfilling.

First, understand the purpose of the spiritual exercise. Contrary to what some people think, fasting and prayer is not a way to change or get God to do something; it’s actually a spiritual exercise that benefits you. Its aim is to get your spirit attuned to the Holy Spirit, so you can hear what God is saying, and be guided by Him to know and function in His perfect will for your life. Thus, you’ll know what’s on His mind; that is, what season it is presently in His calendar and how to walk in it.

Secondly, have a clear focus and expectation. This will help guide your prayer, study and meditation sessions. Thirdly, at certain periods of each day, give adequate attention to prayer, especially praying in other tongues. Spend time to study, and meditate on the Word. As much as possible, keep away from all forms of distraction; set your focus and affection on the Lord.

The most vital benefit of prayer to you as a person is the conditioning of your spirit to think in sync with God. In other words, your spirit is conditioned to become a dependable receptacle of His ideas, visions, and promptings. Life shouldn’t be a stream of surprises in terms of accidental occurrences in your life; it should be part of a master plan—God’s master plan. Therefore, position yourself for continual victory in the New Year, by taking out time to fast and pray.

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