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Rhapsody Of Realities Wednesday 18th

Remain Humble

For whosoever exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted (Luke 14:11). The Scriptures show us examples of many who accomplished extraordinary feats, rose to kingly positions, and went from obscurity to limelight when they were yet humble.

Sadly, some of these who were elevated to such regal positions became haughty, arrogant, and proud; they became “big” in their own eyes, and were abased by God. The story of King Saul is a ready case in point.

Saul was given the grace of leadership and anointed as king over Israel. This happened “when he was little in his own sight,” according to the Bible (1 Samuel 15:17). Soon after, he went against spiritual instructions: he offered a burnt offering, against God’s commandment (1 Samuel 13:9-11). At another instance, he wouldn’t completely destroy the Amalekites as the Lord expressly instructed (1 Samuel 15:1-11). As a result of his pride, he was rejected by God from being king over Israel (1 Samuel 15:26). Sad!

But look at Jesus! Even though He knew who He was—blessed, Sovereign (Ruler), the King of kings and the Lord of lords—He was humble. Luke 4:16-21 shows when He came to Nazareth where He had been brought up, He went into the synagogue as His custom was on the Sabbath day, and He stood up to read from the Holy Scrolls. He didn’t yell at the priest, “Look, the King of kings is here!” The Lord simply got up and read as He was asked. And when He was done reading, “…He closed the book, and gave it back to the attendant and sat down…” (Luke 4:20 NKJV). What a show of humility!

If you’re a leader or pastor, for example, was there a time when it was such a great honour for you to be asked to speak before a congregation? Or have you suddenly become so big in your own eyes that you get offended if you aren’t called upon? 1 Peter 5:5 says, “…be clothed with humility: for God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the humble.” True humility is submitting yourself to the authority, influence, and impact of God’s Word and His instructions. When you do, you’ll receive more grace, wherein lies the power for promotion, increase, and supernatural progress.


Dear Father, I’m submitted to the lordship, authority, and influence of your Word, in all humility. Therefore, I enjoy the effects of your superabundant grace, which causes me to walk in promotion, excellence, victory, and dominion, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.


James 4:6; James 4:10; Philippians 2:3 AMPC

1 YEAR BIBLE READING PLAN: Revelation 10; Micah 1-3

2 YEAR BIBLE READING PLAN: Acts 1:1-11; 2 Chronicles 32

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