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The Rhapsody Prayer Network is a group of men and women committed to praying for the spread of God’s Word around the world through the free distribution of Rhapsody of Realities. Kindly click to know more.

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  1. Comment: please pray that God will be merciful to me and restore my hearing. I am suffering from severe bilateral mixed hearing loss for 6 years now

  2. Prayer request for my brother to be healed of skin cancer.
    I thank God for my new job bsg,prayer of Thanksgiving

  3. Am member of the Prayernetwork but lost contact when my PC had problem. Kindly re connect me on this very Email address again. Thanks, God richly bless you all.

  4. Greetings in the matchless name of our Lord and saviour Jess Christ
    Please pray with me, my financial state is not good
    I can’t pay children’s school fees

  5. As we pray and God continues to heal our land, Jobs will stabilize and consist in Christ as many become aware of the knowledge of God and of our Lord Jesus Christ. In Jesus name. Amen!

  6. Please pray for me I have applied for my student visa at the embassy today

  7. pray for my 5 day old grandbaby who is being tested to make dure he has no jaudice…We pray DIVINE HEALING that I gave back to God as a Blessed, Anointed & Full of The Power of God…by His dtripes Aiden is healed…WeBelieve…
    #StMark 11:22-24

  8. Help me pray for God’s healing power upon my eyes. I have been having some challenges of glaucoma , visual snow and cataract in my eyes.

  9. Please pray for me.i want God to heal me from insomnia and ulcer.thank you

  10. Pls pls pray for the safe and healthy pregnancy of my daughter henna. Last time she had an etopic pregnancy which did not survive. Pls pls pray she has a normal pregnancy and gets a healthy baby . Thankyou

  11. Greetings I am Sandra from Zimbabwe I would like to join the prayer groups and also prayers with Pastor Chris how do I join thank you. .


  13. eave a note or special instructions.


  14. I Live In USA Looking For Prayer Line Phone Number To Talk To Some One That Is Connected To Pastor Chris Ministry I Need Help

  15. Am Believing God for Evangelism. Pray for me to receive a team and grace and divine connections. Financiers

  16. I believe I have received my healing on my right ovaries. My reproductive system are working perfectly

  17. please pray for me for divine restoration in my health, I have battled with health issues for over a year now, I have lost a lot of weight people look at me as if am a ghost skin has changed looking so dried, everyone around me have given up on me, my husband also saying he is bringing in a second wife, don’t have access to any health care now but I believe in the God who quickenth the died and call those things which be not as though the are. I want total restoration in my health. whatever it is not working well in my body relieves life, whatever that is not of God in my life is dead and gone.

  18. Please pray that God will give us a successful launch to our christian school,Camp David Green Academy in Kenya.

  19. Am believing God for my school fees. Pls pray that God will provide it for me

  20. Need prayers for a young girl in hospital suffering from leukemia. Also for a Pastor friend whose back is paining and right foot in excessive pain.

  21. Pls pray for me, am 18yrs old , I can’t login toy jamb profile so that I can accepty admission, pls pray for me so that the problem will be solved spiritually, pls I don’t to miss this admission, blessed be God

  22. I want peace, Joy and Happiness restoration.
    And I want to be filled with boldness and not fear. Please pray for me.

  23. Please pray with me to get a permanent job I have been on a job hunting since 2019 but didnot find anything please pray with me to get a job this year2021

  24. Please pray for me am suffering from sores on my leg is now 5 months and toothache and headache.

  25. Good morning sir, sir please pray for my son Wealth Friday Afaha he can not do anything with his right hand since from birth because the hand is weak and short and very tiny. Thank you Sir.

  26. Good morning sir, sir please pray for my husband he is feeling pains inside he’s bone on he’s right leg for weaks now he can not walk properly. Please pray for him to be heal completely in Jesus Mighty Name Amen

  27. I am an African Pastor, serving the Lord in Mozambique, after medical treatment in Brazil I am back to Africa. I ask for prayers for my health because the medical exam results were not so good, for provision and strength to carry on the work of God.

  28. Good morning sir, I just finished writing my exams.
    Please I need prayers for a good and proud results!

  29. Am asking God for long life
    God protection
    For marriage this year
    For breakthrough
    For financial freedom
    For love
    For batter work this year
    For a new job
    For sweet blessings

  30. Please pray for my son his name is king wealth Friday Afaha please pray that God should heal his right hand. He can not use his right hand since from birth because the hand is weak. Please pray that God should heal him completely amen

  31. Please pray to God for His help in my business. I need a breakthrough in business. I have been having challenges since 2013 in my business. Please help me pray to God to assist me in my business transactions, that He should send helpers to me, so that I can succeed in my business endeavours and that he should bless my finances.


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