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What does Easter Mean To You?

Ephesians chapter 2:10 (AMP) For we are God’s handiwork recreated, not renovated, recreated, I’m a brand new man, that’s why the bible says in 2cor5:17 recreated in Christ Jesus. This is the new Superman, I know who I am, and common somebody shout Hallelujah!

I am God’s own Handiwork, he didn’t say we meant to be, he didn’t say if we pray very hard we will become, this a supreme declaration of the Almighty God. A statement like this a spiritual law, this means in the mind of divine justice it is what it is, it is the knowledge of the spirit, you are God’s workmanship, he has declared it what else could you be looking for?

Expect to think in line with him, and when you start thinking like that, others who are around you who don’t will start saying you are braggadocious, they will say why are you taking so much upon yourself? Because they are religiously minded, they don’t understand that there is a difference between truth and religion.

Religion is struggling to please an unknown God, truth is a reality, you have arrived, it’s called absolute knowledge. It is the epignosis of him, absolute knowledge, divine revelation, you just know something has been impacted to your spirit, you come into a knowledge of him, it is not scientific knowledge, it is no left in the reasoning faculty, it is imparted to your spirit.

Just like you just know, I was not there when Jesus was born, but I believe and I know and I’m assured, he was born of a virgin. I know in my spirit because I believed it and that truth became resident in my spirit, I know that I know that God raised him from the dead. You ask me is Jesus the son of God, and I answer and say I dare you to believe it is the truth of certainty.

He is the son of God! I’m not trying to think so, John 3:36, because when I believed everlasting life impacted to my spirit and I awakened to the fact the fatherhood of God, I moved from being a believer to a knower!

Christianity is not an assumption; Christianity is not a speculation, it is far removed from the assumption arena, there is nothing speculative about Christianity. You know you are brought into knowledge, a divine knowledge, a divine revelation, that’s why he prayed for the Ephesians church in Ephesians 1:17-18, the spirit of wisdom and revelation into the knowledge of him.

I want your spiritual eyes to be open to understanding what has been given to us, in Christ Jesus. We are not ordinary men, something has happened, something has actually transpired, there has been a translation, a transfer from the domain and arena of darkness into the kingdom of God’s love son, there is where we now live. And wants you to have your spiritual eyes open to see, you are not where you used to be. Watch video on Ceflix

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  1. Oh Boy! Easter is my new birth. Easter is were my new life begins. Easter has ushered me into a life of Success, Victory, Prosperity, Hope, Joy, and Favour. Etc. Thank you Pastor Sir.


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