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Your LoveWorld With Pastor Chris

Excerpts From Your LoveWorld With Pastor Chris.

It was such an awesome time in God’s presence for everyone who participated in the first session of Your LoveWorld with our Man of God. Pastor Chris shared the word of God with so much grace and the auction of the Holy Spirit was so tangible.

God cares, when you study the better, you get to know God’s plan. what has he done, what is he doing and what he is going to do?

Your growth and how to position yourself for the days ahead. In the next few years what will happen to the world, the Bible says that Perplexity in the nation with men’s heart failing them. Those who know their God shall be strong and do exploits.

Growing in Christ is something each Christian should have. There is no life without God’s word. To live the authentic Christian life, you need the word of God. We must grow in the word. You have got to meditate day and night, that’s where your success lays. Things are going to dramatically change in the next few years. What the ministry of Gospel will be in the next few years. Things will begin to move to a whole new level. The deck has been raised!

Growth is important, it’s part of the preparation for life. You can’t give responsibility to a child when they aren’t stable, firm when they haven’t yet developed. As a child of God, you can’t remain at one stage. God expects growth.

We are taking the gospel around the world. There had to be training to grow to the responsibility God has for you. It’s training that you have to move to maturity.

Training | Maturity

When you come to Christ you left the bad for the good and in Christ, you move from good to best that is excellence at work. You lift yourself through the word. There should be moderation in everything you do. From moderation, there are some things you bring to zero by yourself. It’s about growth.

  • If thou will be perfect.
    Matt 19:16-28
  • Growing in Grace
    2 Peter 3:17-18
    Grow in grace means increase in grace and knowledge of our lord Jesus. When God gives you responsibilities, he gives more grace but if you aren’t growing, you stay in the glory you have been at. Colan 1:9-10, Eph 4:15

Hebrews 5:12 -14 / Hebrews 6:1-3AMP/NIV
You have been a Christian for a long time and you are still a babe in Christ. It’s not enough to keep the commandments.

He has given us a clear word of salvation and all it entails. The commandments have been fulfilled and abrogated. Jesus brought to us a new and living way of salvation. You have your senses exercised and you are able to discern what is right and wrong when you are fully matured in God. Hebrew 6:2- These are in the foundation school. Growth is so important, you have to grow.

7 things to help you grow in the lord :
They are things you should do.,when you came to the lord, you didn’t come as a baby but someone with some sense.

*Feed on the word.

*Hangout with those that Love the Lord.

*Be filled constantly.

*Make the effort to win souls.

*Have a habitual Prayer Life.

*Set your mind on Spiritual things.

*Be an active member of a local church.

*Desire to Grow.

Your LoveWorld with Pastor Chris is a program you cannot think of missing. Be sure to stay glued from start to finish. That one word from God that will change everything could come to you at any time of the program. it will be loaded with so much impartation of the spirit.

Watch Live on Live Tv app, www.Ceflix.org, Loveworld TV UK, LoveWorldSat, Loveworld Plus, Hello LoveWorld, and all Loveworld Networks.

Date: Monday 7th & Sunday 13th

Time Zone: Locate your time zone

6 pm gmt+1

7 pm gmt+2

12 pm eastern

9 am pacific

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