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At Rest In Prosperity

Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee (Isaiah 26:3).

This scripture gives us the key to a life of peace and prosperity; a life that’s at rest in prosperity. That means you enter into it and stay in it; your life is maintained at that realm. Many often ask what they should do so the power of God may work on their behalf to ensure continuing peace and prosperity. The answer is simple: focus your mind—your attention, and emotions—on the Lord. It’s like focusing your camera on a moving object. You have to do it with some diligence and dexterity.

When your mind is focused on God’s Word, you’re guaranteed to walk in peace and prosperity. Your mind is a powerful tool given to you by God for transforming your life from glory to glory. If you’d give the right attention to the Word, it makes no difference the storms that billow against you, you’ll be at rest; your prosperity will not be shaken, despite economic downturns, meltdowns or inflation. The Lord Himself will keep you in “perfect peace.”

The Hebrew word for “peace” in Isaiah 26:3 is “shalom,” which describes the “rest” of God, wherein is prosperity, health, strength, and salvation. You can be as prosperous, successful, and healthy as you ever want to be; the key is yielding your mind to God’s Word. Your mind is the door to your spirit. If you can get the Word of God into your system, there’s nothing you can’t achieve. That’s the secret of the miraculous, and supernatural.

Keep your focus on God’s Word, and divine peace and prosperity will be your experience.

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