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Faith’s Proclamations Of Healing And Health

“Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you” (Luke 10:19) as a child of God, your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost (1 Corinthians 6:19), which means your body isn’t yours; it’s owned by God. However, you are the one to keep watch over your body and keep it in health. You’re the one to exercise authority over your body, keeping it free of sickness, disease and infirmity.

The words of Jesus in our opening verse should let you know that you’re not ordinary; you have the right to tell your body how it should feel. Tell your body what to do, and it’ll respond. Jesus said in Mark 11:23 that you shall have what you say. Don’t permit in your body anything that isn’t consistent with God’s Word for your life; take charge and rule over your body.

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When you perceive the symptoms of sickness in your body, reject them. They only become real when you say they are. Your words aren’t empty; what you say comes to pass. Therefore, talk to your body always.

Don’t say, “I have a growth in my stomach and it’s hurting so bad. The doctor says its cancer,” Don’t talk about the growth; talk to it instead. Tell the pain to cease, and tell your body to function rightly in line with the life of Christ that’s in your spirit.

Christ literally lives in you! He dwells in your spirit and expresses Himself through your physical body. Your consciousness of this reality makes it easy for you to exercise dominion over your body against sickness, disease and infirmity.

The Spirit of God vitalizes every fibre of my being! The God-life in me destroys sickness, disease and infirmities! I’m healthy and strong! Only the life and nature of Christ – His beauty and glory – are manifested in my physical body, because He perambulates in me, through the Holy Spirit. Hallelujah!

I live above the systems of this world because the greater One lives in me! I’m not subject to the elements of the world, and my life is a testimony of God’s greatness. Divine might is at work in me; my strength is renewed daily, causing me to triumph over sickness and infirmity.

I refuse to be moved by what I feel, or what my senses tell me. I refuse to let my feelings dictate the circumstances of my life. Any symptoms I perceive are lying vanities because the life of God is in me and working through me. Therefore, sickness has no place in my body.

I thank you, Lord, for your life that’s at work in me, in every fibre of my being, in every cell of my blood and in every bone of my body. My whole being is immune to death, decay and the corrupting influences in the world! My path is the path of life, righteousness, joy, gladness and peace forevermore. Christ is my life; in Him I live and move and have my being.

I’ve been delivered from sin, sickness and death, and catapulted into God’s realm of abundant life. My body is the temple of the Holy Ghost; therefore, I am ‘uninfectable’. Hallelujah!

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  1. hallelujah, Glory be to God!!!!

    I’am so blessed by this article. I’am coming up with a testimony this in few hours from now!!!

    Thank you so much Pastor for such a beautiful message from God.

    This is the Word from God for me therefore i’am responding by faith!!!

  2. Hallelujah……i and my family are healed…. There’s no diseases or sickness in us amen

  3. I am believing God for healing thank you for these powerful confessions. Thank you Pastor.

  4. Glooory,i live above the systems of this world b’se greater is HE That in me than he that live in the world.

  5. Thank you pastor chris for your prayers and words of encouragement, I love your teaching from the word of God.

  6. Am heal by the words of God through pastor Chris
    God bless you and increase your anointing

  7. I thank God for this powerful word and teaching. I know God’s manifesting healing and wholeness staking place in my body and my family members as I confess over there lives as well. By FAITH I HAVE WhatEVER I SAY. AMEN

  8. Thank u Jesus I am healed. Hallelujah ! I refuse to believe the lying vanities my body is telling me.

  9. By Faith and confessing, declaring and decreeing God words over my life He has healed me of Hepatitis C and COVID this year
    Praise God as I Give him All the Glory Honor and Praise, Hallelujah Glory to God❤️

    • Amen Hallelujah i am healed by this prayer in the mighty and powerful name of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, who lives and reign forever and ever.

      Thank You Pastor Chris God has his divine anointing over you just like Peter and all the apostles.

  10. I am free from any sickness, disease and infirmities I’m Jesus Christ’s name. Amen

  11. I am standing in faith for my healing. Thank you Beloved man of God Pastor Chris for the powerful declarations. I am so blessed..


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