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I A Conveyor And Dispenser Of Blessings

I affirm that I am a package of blessings, a conveyor and dispenser of blessings happening everywhere. I am divinely empowered to prosper, make money and succeed in all that I do. I am impacting positively on everything around me. The grace of aheadship and supremacy is working in my business, workplace and all my vocations. I am so shining and the mantle of leadership is on me. I have true prosperity by the Holy Ghost, I am 10 times ahead of my generation. My success is unlimited, my potentials and abilities are limitless.  Like Bezaleel who was best in all kinds of craft, there is nothing I cannot do, know or execute. The Holy Spirit is my perfect educator. I am energized for success, stirred up for prosperity and programmed for greatness. I am a problem solver,  a solution provider, I am super excellent. Hallelujah!

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