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I’m walking in the path of life, fulfilling God’s perfect will for my life. The light of God is in my spirit, to know, and walk in my inheritance in Christ Jesus. Thank you blessed Father, for guiding me by your light, in the path of greatness and excellence, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.


  1. I am walking in the light in my everything hallelujah

  2. The wisdom of God is in me,I know who I am ,Christ in me the hope of glory, I can do all the things through Christ who strengthen me, I shall never fail,what so ever I do shall prosper,Nothing that I do shall fail,I am a success, I am victor in Jesus name.
    Thank you Father in name of Jesus because you love me, thank you because you made me a victor in all the areas of my life, Father in the name of the Jesus you have given unto me all that pertain to live.Amen

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