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No Limitation For Words

By the word of the LORD were the heavens made; and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth (Psalm 33:6).

The human body is a limitation of divinity. Let me explain this to you. When Jesus was tabernacled in human flesh, there were things He couldn’t do, because He was in the human body, even though He’s Himself God. For example, He couldn’t continue every day, every hour, without getting tired; He had to sleep. Once, He was in the boat, and fell asleep, because He was tired.

How Jesus wanted to be free from that body, through the Holy Ghost! That’s what He got for us, letting the Spirit loose in us. He couldn’t even minister beyond Israel, as much as He loved the whole world; He was limited because He was a Jew. Even the Samaritan woman wouldn’t want to listen to Him. She said, “How can you ask me for water! You’re a Jew and I’m a Samaritan; we have no dealings with each other…” (Read John 4:9). Think about the Romans; they would have treated Him in like manner.

The limitation of the human body is the limitation of divinity in you. Jesus was the Word; yet, when He was sleeping, the “Word” wasn’t sleeping. The only reason He had to sleep was that the body was tired; the body needed rest. So what does that mean? It means that the essence of the human spirit—the human personality—is not the physical body, because of the body’s obvious limitation.

God, however, designed divinity to be released through words! Words are illimitable because they go into the realm of the spirit. You can speak from where you are and have things happen all over the world. That’s the power of words! You can speak from your closet, and it will have impact in Heaven.

Words! How important your words are! When your spirit is in sync with the Holy Spirit, your words become spirit and life, like the words of Jesus. So, when you have a situation to deal with, when you have changes to effect, meditate on the Word; soak your spirit in the Word until only the Word comes out of your mouth!

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