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And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death (Revelation 12:11).

As a Christian, it’s important you testify of God’s goodness and the victories He has wrought through you. Our opening verse says, “… they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.” Learn to testify always! Let your environment feel the impact of your testimonies. Testify of the power of God’s Word. Testify of the miracles of God that you’ve witnessed and experienced in your personal life.

One important reason you must always testify is because not all the demons of darkness know you. Of course, they know you’re a believer in Christ Jesus, but they don’t know your personality. Therefore, they’ll test you to know whether you’re full of fear or not; they’ll want to test you to know whether or not you’re trained. So, when you get to a new environment, the first thing you should do is to start testifying. Testify of the workings of the Word of God in your life. Testify of the triumphs of your faith.

When you testify, the demons that are close by will hear your words and begin to transmit your profile to other demons. Soon enough, they’ll become careful not to toy with you or anyone connected to you. Do you know why? Demons are proud figures who don’t like to be disgraced; so they’ll stay off you.

However, if you don’t testify, they wouldn’t know what God has done in your life and with your life, and so, they’ll be hanging around occasionally, throwing darts at you; maybe in the form of fever or headache, or even stir up issues against you at work, because they don’t know who you are. But when they know you, they back off. So, be quick to always share your testimonies.

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  1. O My God ,
    He do manny things good in my life until now ,He take care for my familly ,He give me a reason to leave to be with Him and to work for Him ,He give me the best mod to leave .Now I know ho I am and what I must to do then before ,He give me His Word ,He give me The Power off The Holly Gost ,and He give me The Holly Spirit ,Gory to God Glory Glory .This year 2020 after I ask God to give me His power to be the most big evangelist in the world ,and I ask to give me His Gloriy He answer me and now I know Pastor Chris Amin


    In 2013, God transferred the anointing upon Pastor Chris Oyakhilome to me. Glory to God, Halleluyah.

    Apostle Oluwaseyi Idowu.


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