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The Wisdom Of God Is At Work In Me Mightily

I am strong and courageous in Christ, there is nothing too hard for me to achieve. The wisdom of God is at work in me mightily therefore at any given time I make the right financially viable decisions. I have the ability to see opportunities promptly and my eyes are open to see what contracts and businesses God has purposed for me to do. I can never be disadvantaged! Men are obliged to favour me and God has commanded every force to work together for my prosperity.

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  1. i am a student in uganda in my final year that might not be able to sit their final exams. two years ago i tried to do a business deal that failed. ever since i have mishandled my tuition, started drinking, smoking marijuana. cheated. became a liar. to my parents. family and friends. i have lost touch of the truth. might not be able to graduate. supposed to be sitting exams in 4 days because i used my fees to sin, i hate myself for lieing about everything. may God reedem me.

    • Please Kindly check your mailbox or the spam, a mail has been sent to you thank you so warmly.

    • Calm down brother your life is not over. Nothing can separate you from the love of God. I decree that money locates you now in the name of Jesus and your relationship with your family is restored. I rebuke the influence of the devil over your life in Jesus Name.


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