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The Translators’ Network International is a Network of Translators who are involved and committed to ensuring the message of the Believers Loveworld Incorporated, (in all formats) are available and accessible to all people in the language they understand best.

This is because we believe all our ministry products are a unique and excellent tool to disciple and transform the mind-set of a person.

The vision of the Network is to effectively communicate the realities of God’s Word in all available platforms and formats; because we believe that God’s Word remains the only change agent available to man today.

The Network has made great progress with 950 translations of Rhapsody of Realities, the No 1 daily devotional in the world, 2nd only to the Bible. Thus, the Network provides you the opportunity to be a part of the peculiar grace at work in the Believers LoveWorld Ministry. You also get to join a team of highly motivated translators whose passion is to fill the earth with the knowledge of God’s Word as the waters covers the sea.

To become a member of the Network; kindly click here to register:

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  1. Good morning everyone
    I’d like in the first place to thank the Christ Embassy team in charge of doing the translation and interpretations of Pastor Chris preachings. I would like to thank you for your commitment to the ministry and your precious contribution helping carry the message of the Gospel of the Lord accross the globe.

    For a while now, I’ve been watching pastor’s Chris program : The global prayer sessions. And I was astounded by the crystal clear and enlightening revelations about the End Times that were being delivered by the Man of God. As I kept on watching, I started wondering about my francophone parents, friends, colleagues and the rest of the francophone community. I was wondering whether they were aware of those spiritual truths and facts that were revealed by Pastor Chris.

    It is in that vein that my team and I wanted to know if we could contribute to help take the message to the French speaking world by my team and I providing French subtitlings a for every Pastor Chris Global prayer teachings that were already uploaded and that are yet to be uploaded during this Global prayer period. We will also be glad if we could become members of your team of professionals. really want to contribute. It is so important for us.

    Here is our email: @gmail.com

  2. Hello!
    This is Yonas Seifu from Ethiopia and I got your address by searching internet. Here in Ethiopia many evangelicals churches have been distributed so many tracts for unbelievers, however the tracts have been written by foreign language namely English, therefore the audience couldn’t understand it so if you want to translate into Amharic language, I could facilitate and translate it, for spreading the tracts every part of the country. What do you think? Thanks!
    Yonas Seifu

  3. Hello. I am bro Morris Graham. I am writing from CE Accra Ghana Zone. Please how do i become a translator for RoR. I am a professional translator from french to English and English to French. Thank you

  4. Good Evening

    Please I need Rhapsody of Realities for all Thailand Languages available.

    Kindly send to me email address.

    Jane Onuoha

  5. I tried to register as a translator several times but the system is taking me to other sites

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