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With God You Have Everything

After these things the word of the LORD came unto Abram in a vision, saying, Fear not, Abram: I am thy shield, and thy exceeding great reward! (Genesis 15:1).

If you have God, you have all you need; by that I mean everything you’d ever need, for He’s your satisfaction! In Genesis 15:1, He said to Abraham, who then was called Abram, “I’m your shield and your exceeding great reward”; that means “I’m all you need; with me, you have everything!” This is the reason you must not allow any distraction take your mind away from Him. All that you are, and all that you have is in Him! All your dreams and aspirations are in Him; He is your reason for being. When this becomes your attitude in life, then you’ve really begun your walk with God.

There’s something God desires to do in each one of us, and that’s to turn our attention away from everything else to Himself. He’s not doing this because He seeks our attention so much, or that He’s so hungry for our praise and worship. He’s not asking for you or what you have just because it makes Him feel more like God. Remember, ever before there was anything on the face of the earth; ever before He created Adam, He was already God, and still is. He is the great I AM; the all-sufficient one – the God who is more than enough. Thus, He can always satisfy Himself with whatever He wants. He doesn’t need anything to make Him more complete. He is “completeness.”

However, He seeks to turn our attention to Him because He knows if He can get our attention, then He can guide us to live the life He has made available for us. He knows better than we could ever know. He knows best what you’re required to do with your life, and what your life should be like.

This should make you have absolutely nothing to worry over; rather, you ought to live confidently, everyday, knowing that God is steering the ship of your life and has everything it takes to bring you into, and help you fulfil your destiny in Him.

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