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Your Loveworld With Pastor Chris – Testimonies From Around The World

With billions of online participants from across the globe, Your Loveworld with Pastor Chris is reaching and transforming many lives and homes. Myriads of testimonies have poured in, telling of the impact of the Word of God and the move of His Spirit.
Portia from South Africa testifies: “I’m grateful to God for what he did in my life through the man of God, Pastor Chris. During the lockdown, I experienced some sensation in my chest. It got really bad and I would cough and begin to feel as if I was inhaling smoke. Then came the day when Pastor Chris prayed specially for the sick, during Your Loveworld. As he spoke forth words of prayer, I instantly received my miracle and began rejoicing, thanking God for my victory. From that day on, there has been no more tightness in my chest, no struggles breathing, and the air feels so perfect. I give God the glory for the many lives that have been preserved and have received permanent victory over the devil.”

Tsitsi from South Africa testifies: “I had some pains in my hands along my fingers especially, while I slept. Each time I woke up, my fingers felt like I had a stroke. My fingers couldn’t bend and I couldn’t do anything with it, but when the man of God, Pastor Chris, prayed for the sick during the live stream of Your Loveworld, I touched my hand and I discovered the pain had gone. Glory to God! I can work perfectly with my hands without any pain.”

55 year-old Gabriela Rus from Romania shared, saying, “I participated in every broadcast of Your Loveworld with my mother and we have been tremendously blessed to have received so much teaching, light and clarity from the Word of God. I’d never really understood the book of Revelations before Pastor Chris enlightened us during Your Loveworld. We have been greatly strengthened in faith and encouraged in the midst of this state of tension, confusion and fear worldwide. By listening to Pastor Chris, I understood how things are in the spiritual, and what our position should be as members of the body of Christ. We are glad we had the opportunity and the privilege to fast and pray with saints around the world. Thank you Pastor Chris. I love you dearly.”
More testimonies keep pouring in to tell of the indelible impact of the Your Loveworld with Pastor Chris in the lives of millions around the world. Praise God!


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