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HealingStreams.TV is a healing and miracle channel that creates an atmosphere for faith and the miraculous in and around our viewers in such a way that they take hold of God’s plan for divine health and healing. Our Spirit-filled programs express God’s love, unfailing grace, the compassion of Jesus and the healing power in the Name of Jesus.

Discover the miraculous and build your faith as you experience the infinite power of God that will change your life forever.

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    • Hi there
      We reply immediately
      Hello my name is vanlare wisdom clement. I had an accident that made me suffer a pelvis dislocation and I was admitted at the hospital for seven weeks am home now and I am not fully recovered so am requesting for a prayer so that I will be fully recovered and perform the work of God.
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  1. A prayer request, I have been attacked by high blood pressure which come during my pregnancy.I believe in Jesus mighty name to be healed completely

  2. Glorrrrrrry! Am inviting you to a powerful healing stream service with pastor Chris

    • It is nice that God is using his served to save sold, help me how can I get connected to man of God please?

  3. Pastor Chris teaching have changed my whole life.
    Thank you pastor Chris for teaching us the word as it is I love you sir .

  4. I love to watching healing streams lives with pastor Chris annual program which comes up once in a year…..

  5. Good evening sir man of God please I want to register for healing stream how can I register I have moving abject all my body

  6. I am very sack by eye for our sight effect and left ear is very sack , please pray for me

  7. I need healing for myself nd younger sis…… I know God will heal us permanently

  8. Please pray for me, I didn’t know what is under my breast…

  9. I need the healing with the challenge of the same results of HIV . but I never get sick

  10. I need healing of Parkinson disease and gastrointestinal problems please pray for me.

  11. I have a circle cell and and now I cannot walk normal the doctors said I must do surgery before i can walk normal please i need prayers father


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