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Is Listening To Worldly Music A Sin?

Well, all music has a message no matter what music you are listening to if it is music is got a message even if you are just listening to some instrumental it’s got a message. Music goes to your spirit because Music comes really from the realm of the spirit. So, it always sends a message consciously or unconsciously into your spirit, sooner or later you would go in the direction of that message that you’ve been listening to.

So, that’s where the danger is if you keep listening to the carnal music that’s gotten the wrong message after a while you will act in that direction. Just remember there is a message behind every music, so it matters what message you are sending down to your spirit because you are going to become sooner or later the character of the message you have been listening to, so make a choice. That’s why we tell Christians to be careful what music you are listening to. Listen to God’s kind of music only.

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  1. My question is if you listen to worldly music just to entertain your self if you’re bored or to dance just to be happy is it a sin?

    • yes,i do think its a sin because there is nothing godly about it.i also need help on that,i love the music

      • any music you know that it will be inappropriate to play in the church, we as Christians shouldn’t listen to them, remember our bodies are the temple of the Lord

        • Actually, listening to music that would make you see the greatness of God is not sin.what comes to your mind about what you’re doing as individual and you believe what’s in your mind is good then go with it. The scripture has said it so we should’t criticise others of there faith.

          • There’s carnel and there’s Godly. Music both has influence if its not glorifying God it’s carnel there fore it promotes sin …there is no in-between there one or the other…

    • There are various christain entertaining songs that will lift your boredom out…we Christains should not look for any excuse

    • You can find other gospel music to entertain yourself…like Afro gospel

  2. WOW powerful never think it this way but when I was a teenager I used to during,smoke,party…..and it all start with the musics i was listening too I developed a motive and desire to be like them thank God now I am delivered of it.

  3. Is listening to all secular songs wrong all the lyrics of some song?

  4. I am sure its not good b’se it doesn’t impact ur christian life positively.

  5. That’s what I believe it depends on what kind of music you are listening too and the message attached to it. As a rapper myself I write a variety of music. I performed a rap that I wrote at a talent show at a church and long as it was not negative it was approved.

    • According to the testimony of Angelica Zambrano Christian reggaeton is also a sin therefore Chris rap is also a sin, this is what I think

  6. Comment:listening to worldly songs just to help me sleep when having sleepless nights is it wrong

  7. Comment:listening to worldly songs just to make me sleep when having sleepless nights is it wrong

    • I believe that is all about ur action u can listen to it for whatever reason but don’t let it impact on ur action/ life…this takes a committed and determined mind and for the lyrics it’s just somebody’s opinion u choose to take it or leave it

  8. I do believe much better that listen to worldly songs that leads wrong massages are bad as a Christian.But songs that have good massages like the once of lucky dube are there of good or bad ad a Christian.cus they do have good meaning

  9. We have to remember where the music comes from. Lucifer was the leader of worship in heaven, he is trying to get our minds and spirit off of God and onto humans and carnal things to make us choose sin over God’s ways. I love music, the beat etc. people in other countries say that the beat is the same as the evil worshippers use to conjure up demons in their worship. the scripture says to sing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs making melody in our hearts to the Lord. any music that doesn’t do that is not good for our spiritual walk, actually it will hinder it. it is a struggle for me to not listen to rock music because it is what i grew up with and had some really good songs during that time. it’s just like everything else in our christian walk, choose you this day whom you will serve. no man can serve two masters either he will cling to the one and hate the other. we have a choice either to be Godly or carnal minded.


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