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Is Listening To Worldly Music A Sin?

Well, all music has a message no matter what music you are listening to if it is music is got a message even if you are just listening to some instrumental it’s got a message. Music goes to your spirit because Music comes really from the realm of the spirit. So, it always sends a message consciously or unconsciously into your spirit, sooner or later you would go in the direction of that message that you’ve been listening to.

So, that’s where the danger is if you keep listening to the carnal music that’s gotten the wrong message after a while you will act in that direction. Just remember there is a message behind every music, so it matters what message you are sending down to your spirit because you are going to become sooner or later the character of the message you have been listening to, so make a choice. That’s why we tell Christians to be careful what music you are listening to. Listen to God’s kind of music only.


  1. My question is if you listen to worldly music just to entertain your self if you’re bored or to dance just to be happy is it a sin?

    • yes,i do think its a sin because there is nothing godly about it.i also need help on that,i love the music

  2. WOW powerful never think it this way but when I was a teenager I used to during,smoke,party…..and it all start with the musics i was listening too I developed a motive and desire to be like them thank God now I am delivered of it.

  3. Is listening to all secular songs wrong all the lyrics of some song?

  4. I am sure its not good b’se it doesn’t impact ur christian life positively.


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